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David Janosik is a professional Web Developer and Business Consultant with the knowledge and experience to help you leverage your online presence and social media to maximize your exposure and increase your sales.

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Responsive Design

It’s time to give your small business a fresh professional look. Whether you are opening a new business, or promoting your company worldwide, David Janosik is here to help you buy success online.

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SEO Expert

An SEO expert like David Janosik can “optimize” your website internally and externally so that the search engines value it more and will rank it higher in the search results than other similar websites.

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Online Advertising

Online Advertising is flexible, well targeted/optimized and highly effective at drawing in new clients for any business. David Janosik can help local businesses get to the top of Google!

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Social Media

Social media is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers. Whether you’re just getting started, consider yourself to be a pro, David Janosik is here to help with your campaign.

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Who is he?

An entrepreneur leveraging Web Development & Proven Marketing Strategies to Grow Businesses

What does he do?

He works closely with his clients to build long-term growth.

Why does he do it?

David is a results-driven web developer & online marketer and allows you to demand more from your business online.

Where is he located?

He is located in Orlando, Florida but has worked with clients from all across the globe.

David's Capabilities

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David Janosik is a professional Web Developer and Business Consultant.

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